Basic Guide to Troubleshooting games

Manual errors in the game and training bugfixes

Note that if the game was installed on your system to complete the installation process you do not receive an error message, the game is healthy, if during the game with an error message or you can not enter the game these forms are often due to the following:

1. Keep in mind, the first parameter to be considered complete and smooth a game, the computer's hardware. The system must have the minimum system requirements of the game.
Minimum system requirements for the game you can play the back cover of the specs written or game you download from reputable sites that use hardware profile should be higher than the specifications of your computer to run to play without the forms of be.

2. Another important parameter to run games, software which we know as the software side and should all be installed to run the game smoothly.
If you've bought a game software is usually a folder named Support Tools or the latest DVD of the game but if you've downloaded a game or DVD you do not have this folder, you can download them in this article check.

3. Software disorder in rare cases with sufficient hardware and software installation required still playing with error that this case related disorders eg anti-virus software, or software another on your computer that interferes with play, approach the problem, test the game on another computer or on a Windows re-install the game is installed.

Note that now the most important part of the software to run a game and also the fluidity of the graphics card driver. To be a best run of the game during play or not Hong tick driver does not have to be a graphics card update to the latest version. Last updated graphics card driver can be downloaded here or you can import graphics card manufacturer's website, and then choose the model graphics card and Windows, download and install drivers for it.
Download graphics driver for Nvidia - GeForce 
Download graphics driver for ATI - Radeon 

List of errors in the game and the way to fix it: 

An error where the word openal32.dll listed: 
Because of this error is not openal32.dll file name, this file here, and then download the executable file and put it in. Or you can download the software and install openAL Installer.
Download file with OpenAL DLL

An error where the word MSVCP100.dll or MSVCP110.dll listed: 
++ Microsoft Visual C install the software.
If you install ++ Microsoft Visual C there was still the problem for you.
Download ++ Visual C 

If you use Windows 7:
Right-click on the file to play check and choose the Properties option, then go to Compatibility page and uncheck the Run this program in compatibility mode for the set and select from the bottom menu of WindowsXP Service Pack 3. Now run the game.

If you use Windows 8:
Steps above to install the game to do the Setup.exe file.

If you still encounter this problem, install the Microsoft library such as Direct X, dot Net Framework and traveling.

An error where the OpenGL listed: 
The reason for this is the lack of Direct X and OpenGL libraries, graphics card drivers to fix it to the latest version of the upgrade and full DirectX installed.
Download DirectX 

An error where the word d3dx9 or D3dx.dll listed:
Because of this error, or no DirectX software is incomplete because the DirectX SDK update a series of its own, which are needed to run a series of games, DirectX may already have installed these file Would not you play it does not work, so always install DirectX for each game before its implementation. We offer you the most complete and the most recent DirectX SDK are available that include all the updates and you no longer need to install DirectX are not special.
The latest version of DirectX that dated Jun 2010 with all the updates to the graphics card and sound card and SDK, as well as three-dimensional tool in the form of 572 MB download here.
Download DirectX 

An error where the original disk or serial number mentioned: 
Error message such as Original disk not found or is please insert original disk or you do not have the serial number for your game, but you play the serial number, you will get a similar message, this error is your Fluff .
Although often crack the game to a common form of copying and pasting the game's executable file is shaggy, but not always work this way. Therefore, to ensure the accuracy of crack game files into DVD and see the game you are looking for the help file and our advice to you is to always be installed before the start of a game, it referred to the contents of the DVD and if the Help file ( Help), there is once more carefully and then proceed to install and crack the game.

An error where the word or microsoft live or game live xlive.dll listed: 
Some of the game, mostly by Microsoft and EA Games are available to provide a range of services such as online gaming, records, files save the world, to share information on an application called by players and ... Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE Game needs. To address this problem, the software Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE Game Download and install from here.
Then when you enter the game, you press the HOME button on the keyboard and create an account so you can play your offline store.
Download Microsoft Game Live

An error where the word ++ C or vcredx86 listed: 
The error due to the lack of a language interpreter and libraries ++ VC is, the library and interpreter as software under Microsoft Visual C ++ redistributable version of the 2005, 2007 and 2010 are presented. We offer you the version of 2010, but after installing the software if such error messages, please try other versions of it.
Download ++ Visual C 

An error where the framework are listed: 
.NET (Dot net framework) is a programming interface in Windows completes, the details of which can be read from the corresponding threads. When an error of this kind appears to be a version of .NET installed, we recommend version 3.5 Service Pack 1, but if you open after installing this application you encounter error messages such other versions Try it.
Download Microsoft .NET Framework 

Errors that appear during the game and let us not Save up to: 
Such errors are usually less to eat, such errors appear during the game at the time of construction profiles, sometimes also called message before the game that "you can not save your game" is displayed. The main reasons for the existence of this error, a lack of software for Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE Game that was mentioned earlier, and another is due to the lack of application Steam. Steam to work with software is that you must first create an account with your account on Steam login to your account then your gaming (ADD), and then run through the software game to play Save your files on the Internet and Rkvrdhaytan on all displays. Steam Another characteristic is that you can easily download the latest update of the game.
Download Steam

Where the word is mentioned error Fatal Error: 
This problem is due to lack of compatibility with Windows executable file, to resolve this issue disable the anti Vyrvstan and once again install the game and to play it, right-click on the executable file and select Properties Bzynd, in Page Compatibility, click Run this pro ... button and select your Windows than Windows down and click OK to run and play. If the problem persists, this game is not compatible with Windows. The DotNet Framework 3.5 installed, you can fix it to be effective.
Download Microsoft .NET Framework 

When you play no sound or an error where the
Error during initialization Unhandled exception caught
Upon execution of its listed or Do not Send error message:

The bug due to multiple sound card in your computer to fix this problem, open the System control panel and click the Device Manager button in the Hardware page and sub-audio Sound card drivers such as card Board motherboard or sound card and some ... to Disable the modem. If the problem persists, go to settings and output quality sound card on Studio Quility 48100 Hz - 24 bit set.

Error where the OS Not Support and Operation System not Support is mentioned:
The due date of your operating system or game to your operating system, your Windows update to fix the bug, we suggest you use the Windows Service Pack is included.

An error where the word nvidia physx listed:
PhysX middleware is a specialist for a series of physical events such as collision objects and simulate the movements of the body. This software is the graphics card driver and also individually, but we suggest you to fix this problem, update the graphics card driver to the latest version of it. If the latest version of the graphics card driver is installed and you still see this bug graphics card, go to the Control Panel and enable the Set PhysX Configuration software.
Download graphics driver for Nvidia - GeForce 

An error where the 3D Vision are listed: 
This error is due to hardware or do not have three-dimensional or three-dimensional gaming is not enabled on your graphics card driver or three-dimensional, for this we recommend the use of Windows 7 is up to the driver card Graphic Control Panel in the graphics and 3D Vision, enable it. See also correct such errors parts Tuesday next function Make sure the batteries, fittings and ...

Send and Do not Send error where the options are: 
Windows XP users usually have lots of messages like that because there are many reasons cause this problem can not be assigned a specific solution to, most of the bug to occur Defectiveness Windows. We recommend you use Windows 7.


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